What's Around Lyn Mar Pond Guest Ranch?
Please take a minute or two and take this little test of your knowledge of
our surrounding area. Hey, you might actually learn something!
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1) Where is the exact center of California?
2) What famous national park is less than an hour away?
3) What river is just a short distance away?
4) For what historical industry is North Fork known?
5) Students from which university calculated results to show the exact center of the state?
6) How far is North Fork from Bass Lake?
7) How many acres are there in Sierra National Forest?
8) What indian museum is close by?
9) The North Mono Tribe consists of two clans:
10) What is the name of a prominent peak in the area?
11) What famous old cabin is nearby?
12) What pack station operates off the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway Road
13) Where can you find a local 4th of July Fireworks display?
14) Who located the exact center of California?
15) In which country does Lyn Mar Pond Guest Ranch sit?
16) A small lake in the area is named after what follage?
17) What falls can you visit along Sierra Vista Scenic Byway?
18) What was a staple of the local indians food?
19) What indian casino is in Coarsegold?
20) Where can you find Wagner's Store?
21) Each July the Logger's Jamboree is held where?
22) Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad is where?
23) The Jazz on the Lake Summer Series is held where?
24) Where can you see old time melodramatic theatre
25) Where's the Wild Wonderful Chocolate Festival held?

"Thanks for your taking our little quiz!